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Naval Ravikant: On Open Source and Bitcoins
21 minutes
Naval Ravikant (Angel List) speaks about the future of open source and bitcoins. This is a great introduction to the topic. It's as relevant as ever having been recorded three years ago. Naval is one of the best in the game, a must-watch.
Andreas Antonopoulos: On The Future Of Money
64 minutes
Andreas M. Antonopoulos gives an enlightening speech about the future of money at Zentrum Karl der Grosse in Zurich - 30th March 2016
George Gilder: On The Information Theory of Capitalism
1 minutes
This lecture was part of the Fall 2016 Economics, Growth and Prosperity Seminar.
Balaji Srinivasan: On Life After Startups & the Blockchain with Michael Gasiorek
95 minutes
Balaji is truly a polymath. In this discussion he details his background in genomics and how that led to his latest company called He explains his vision for the blockchain space and how 21 has a role to play in shaping the space.
Andrew DeSantis: On Bitcoin in July 2017
91 minutes
A special interview with Andrew DeSantis to get his take on the UASF, and his thoughts on the most likely outcome scenarios for Aug 1st. This is an advanced discussion but an introduction to one of the best minds in the business.
Andreas Antonopoulos: On an Introduction to Bitcoin
37 minutes
Presented at the Singularity University's Innovation Partnership Program (IPP), this is an entry level talk about bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos.
Balaji Srinivasan: On Bitcoin with Marc Andreessen
43 minutes
This is an older discussion between Balaji and Marc Andreessen, but anytime the two of those are in a room, it's a great idea to pay attention. Interesting to hear their vision for Bitcoin considering the hype that has succeeded the filming of this discussion. It's still just as informative as it was in 2014 and a great place to start your Bitcoin education.
Balaji Srinivasan: On Bitcoin 101
28 minutes
In this talk Balaji gives an introduction to Bitcoin without getting too technical. It's a great place to start your journey into cryptocurrency and Balaji is one of the best to learn from in the space. His company is helping to scale adoption of the exciting blockchain technology.
George Gilder: On Silicon Valley sitting at a crossroads
31 minutes
George Gilder's presentation at the New Bridges: Texas symposium held in Dallas, Texas on May 9, 2017. In this discussion Gilder ties together the work of Godel, John Nash and Satoshi Nakamoto. He also describes the parallels between information theory and capitalism.
George Gilder: On Bitcoin as the Libertarian Solution to the Money Enigma
19 minutes
Tech Visionary George Gilder: 'Bitcoin is the Libertarian Solution to the Money Enigma.'
Ted Nelson: On How Bitcoin Actually Works
69 minutes
Provides a great introduction to the field. Ted has a terrific understanding of both the technical aspects as well as the economic implications of Bitcoin and its success.
Nick Szabo: On Blockchains and Smart Contracts
71 minutes
To discuss the future of society Lykke starts a series of open education seminars on Future of the World Economy featuring innovative industry practitioners and forward-looking academics. The first seminar on Blockchains and Smart Contracts was led by Nick Szabo, a pioneer of Bitcoin.
John Nash: On Ideal Money and the Motivation of Savings and Thrift
67 minutes
John F. Nash, Jr., Ph.D., nobel laureate at the Harry Mullin, M.D. Memorial Lecture on November 16, 2011. His topic was "Ideal Money and the Motivation of Savings and Thrift."