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Chris Arnade: With Noah Smith on back-row kids of America, Trump's election and what is behind his popularity
77 minutes
Chris Arnade is a writer focused on understanding the oft-forgotten "back-row kids" of America. He travels all over the country to document their struggles and give us a look at what has motivated their political affliations. This discussion with Noah Smith is a good introduction to his perspective on Trump's election, what's behind the popularity.
J.D. Vance: On America in the Trump Era, Hillbilly elegy and the midwest
74 minutes
J.D. Vance digs into politics a little more in this video. He connects the themes described in his popular book to the current political climate. It's an interesting look at an often misunderstood group of people, their way of life, motivations and political affiliations.
J.D. Vance: On his new book Hillbilly Elegy, his family history and what we misunderstand about middle America
43 minutes
J.D. Vance chronicles his life and the history and issues of hillbillies in America. Vance, a former marine and Yale Law School graduate, writes about growing up in a poor Rust Belt town and how his family never fully escapes the legacy of abuse, alcoholism, poverty, and trauma in their lives. Vance paints a broad, passionate, and personal analysis of a culture in crisis—that of white working-class Americans.
Peter Thiel: On the American Dream, how we can make better decisions in a new economic climate and avoiding competition
90 minutes
Thiel dives into microeconomic decision making in this discussion. He looks at the American economy, where it's headed, where the competition is and how one can make decisions optimally in that landscape. Avoid competitors and go to the whitespace. Think independently.
Chris Arnade: With Noah Berlatsky on political media, the state of politics in America and the evolution of the democratic party
45 minutes
In this discussion Arnade and Noah Berlatsky dig into polical media, the state of politics in America and the evolution of the democratic party over the last decade.